Zihua I.D. and Maura Taylor provide rental property management, construction project management, interior design and consulting services to the Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo and La Costa Grande of Guerrero, Mexico.

Punta Marina

A remodeling project for a 4-bedroom private villa overlooking La Ropa Beach, which the new owners discovered shortly after moving in, had been poorly constructed and experienced several years of neglect. The home had been constructed without proper waterproofing materials and over several heavy rains had begun to show signs of leakage and mold as well as damage from flooding.Our project team performed a complete retrofit by replacing the existing rotting roof & installing a protective layer of impermeable material. The exterior paint was removed and a new layer of impermeable paint was applied. An entirely new plumbing system was installed to relieve the leakage within the existing structure and a new tiled eve was built along the exterior in order to provide shade and a diversion system for the overflow of rainwater that previously flooded the interior.

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