Zihua I.D. and Maura Taylor provide rental property management, construction project management, interior design and consulting services to the Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo and La Costa Grande of Guerrero, Mexico.

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· · · Habitat Expo 2012

April 11th, 2012  ·  Posted in home building, lifestyle

Each year in May I get super excited about the prospect of attending Mexico’s symposium on interiorismo y arquitectura at Habitat Expo, held in Mexico City’s WTC complex.   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Mango Times are here again!!

June 8th, 2011  ·  Posted in lifestyle

One of the best things about this time of year here in the humid tropical regions of Mexico (besides being right next to the beach) are juicy, delicious and fragrant MANGOS!! Each year around the middle of May into early June the groves throughout Mexico are dripping with these ripe, incredible fruit!!   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Welcome to Mexico

June 30th, 2010  ·  Posted in lifestyle

Mexico, the land of rich and vibrant color, culture & history. A diverse country whose roots stem from the ancient Aztecs & Mayans and whose intricate yet simple designs can still be found in nooks and crannies of today’s Mexico. From Mexico City with it’s huge central Zocalo, teaming with artists and performers to it’s quaint and European feeling neighborhoods dotted with cozy bars, restaurants and cafes, it’s easy to see why this country attracts so many foreign visitors.

Zocalo in Mexico City

Beyond it’s colorful cities, there is also it’s rich food culture. Tacos al pastor, fresh seafood, chocolate infused mole, sweet tomales … you could spend an entire year just eating your way through each region’s local fare.

And then there is coastal Mexico … costa chica, costa grande, costa caribe … the entire country is bordered by water. On one side lies the Carribean and the other the majestic Pacific with it’s sweeping sierras and breathtaking sunsets. A coast that is dotted by tiny fishing villages, planned tourist resorts and international shipping ports. Here, along the coast in the state of Guerrero is where the town of Zihuatanejo lies. Nestled in between the foot of the sierra madres and the lapping waves of the Pacific is this small town that was once a fishing village and is now something between quaint & rustic and touristy & bustling.   · · · Continue reading »