Zihua I.D. and Maura Taylor provide rental property management, construction project management, interior design and consulting services to the Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo and La Costa Grande of Guerrero, Mexico.

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· · · Paying the “mordida” in Mexico

March 31st, 2016  ·  Posted in home building, lifestyle, Uncategorized

Walmart did it, I was once pressured into doing it and I have spoken to and heard many accounts of foreigners paying bribes in Mexico. But does that make it right?   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Voluntourism, get involved in the Zihua community!

December 14th, 2015  ·  Posted in lifestyle

I love inviting and hosting people down to Zihua and when they ask me about all the cool things you can do here I think I must light up in telling them all of the ways that Zihua Rocks !   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Happenings around Town, Weekend of 4/17

April 17th, 2015  ·  Posted in lifestyle, Uncategorized

Ok, ok so I have completely abandoned updating this blog page but I am turning over a new leaf and will be making a big new push to update regularly with quality content about our wonderful, cool, fun, hip little beachside town…   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Spending the summer in Zihua

June 23rd, 2014  ·  Posted in home building, lifestyle

Many people ask me what its like to summer in Zihuatanejo. Our coastal paradise attracts hundreds of tourists as a tropical escape from the cold northern winters, but what is it like to spend a summer here?   · · · Continue reading »