Zihua I.D. and Maura Taylor provide rental property management, construction project management, interior design and consulting services to the Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo and La Costa Grande of Guerrero, Mexico.

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· · · Habitat Expo 2012

April 11th, 2012  ·  Posted in home building, lifestyle

Each year in May I get super excited about the prospect of attending Mexico’s symposium on interiorismo y arquitectura at Habitat Expo, held in Mexico City’s WTC complex.   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Exteriors, Water Features as Architectural Detailing

May 1st, 2011  ·  Posted in ADIP Article Archive, home building

Water has been used for thousands of years to add beauty and symmetry to architectural design. The simple pleasure we receive gazing upon water, taking a cool refreshing dip or listening to its gentle trickle makes it a desirable element in home design.   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Interiors, Choosing Your Home Appliances

May 1st, 2011  ·  Posted in ADIP Article Archive, home building

Choosing the right appliances for your home is a matter of form and function. Whether you are looking for a utilitarian, modern, rustic or contemporary kitchen you can be sure to find a suite of appliances that will meet your style and cooking needs.   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Interiors, Custom Built Furniture

February 8th, 2011  ·  Posted in ADIP Article Archive, home building

Mexico is home to some very talented and creative artisans and craftsman who turn wood, bamboo, stone, rattan and other natural materials into beautifully crafted furnishings to fit your individual style, taste, budget and more importantly; measurements. The beauty of custom-built furnishings you can build to fit exactly the spaces and contours of each room and area within your home.   · · · Continue reading »