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· · · It’s that time of year again !

January 2nd, 2016  ·  Posted in Uncategorized

Happy 2016! Feels great to have gotten through the holidays with flying colors! Bring on the new year!! And of course with the new year means time to pay your taxes, bank trust and auto registration fees!

If you own property in Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa you can pay your property taxes directly at the window in the H. Ayuntamiento building. Paying your taxes in January gets you a 12% discount so good reason to get it paid before the end of the month.

If this is the first time you are paying your taxes, you will need to bring your escritura publica (private title) paperwork you received from your notary public which will have the most recent property tax payment receipt. Show this receipt at the municipal building and they will give you an updated property tax bill which you can pay at the window.

If you’ve purchased a car in Mexico with Mexican plates, you will need to visit the Finanzas building to pay for your new registration fee for a 2016 sticker and circulation card. You will need your 2015 payment receipt as well as the factura from the purchase of the vehicle.

Additionally if you have a current fidiecomiso (Mexican bank trust) you will want to look out for your upcoming bill from the bank. Most banks allow you to register a US credit card to make recurring payments, therefore never missing a beat!