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· · · Voluntourism, get involved in the Zihua community!

December 14th, 2015  ·  Posted in lifestyle

I love inviting and hosting people down to Zihua and when they ask me about all the cool things you can do here I think I must light up in telling them all of the ways that Zihua Rocks !

One of my favorite things to talk about is the community because that is really what makes Zihua a very special place. Here we have a tight community of both locals and expats alike, one that is very vibrant and welcoming and keeps people coming back. From the organic farmers market to the vegan cooperative, community garden and volunteer center there are many ways to participate on a local level.

While I’m not technically vegan, I do enjoy being part of the Vegan Cooperative of Zihuatanejo. Their website has some great recipes as well as info on upcoming events and workshops. They also have a Facebook page. There is a pretty wide variety of cooking classes and workshops on sustainable gardening, permaculture, recycled art, natural cosmetics and even a whole workshop focused on the many natural products you can make from a coconut!

Another great community organization doing work with animals is the Sociedad Protectora de Animales or SPAZ for short. They are always looking for volunteers to help walk dogs, assist during sterilization campaigns and help distribute their flyers throughout the community. They have a website as well as a Facebook page with plenty of information about how to get involved!