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· · · Spending the summer in Zihua

June 23rd, 2014  ·  Posted in home building, lifestyle

Many people ask me what its like to summer in Zihuatanejo. Our coastal paradise attracts hundreds of tourists as a tropical escape from the cold northern winters, but what is it like to spend a summer here? I think many would imagine oppressive heat and humidity, mosquitos galore and heavy tropical rain. In truth, some weeks of summer can be stiflingly hot, but for the most part summer in the tropics is just as enjoyable (if not more) than the busy high season months.

First of all, the beaches are wonderfully uncrowded. You have them mostly to yourself, with the exception of Sundays which is when most of the locals come out to play. Otherwise, you may pass only a handful of tourists and locals alike strolling along La Ropa each day. The water turns aquamarine, warm and inviting all summer long. Snorkeling and diving are at their best. We even get the occasional visit from migrating whale sharks which is quite a stunning and memorable encounter if you happen to be out in the water when they are.

Many local deals to be had … not only on lodging but also most restaurants offer discounted meals and many tour operators discount their daily fishing, sightseeing, snorkeling, diving, surfing, banana boat and parasailing trips.

Mangos are everywhere!! This is a delicious treat that is typically not in such abundant supply during the rest of the year. Everywhere you look ripe mangos are literally falling from the trees. There are two varieties here and both are equally delicious.

Summer means rain and we transform our surroundings from dry brown brush everything green and lush. Everywhere around you vibrant jungle is peeking through, giant foliage staking its claim. Rain keeps the climate relatively cool, especially mid day when the sun would be out at full intensity. Rainclouds roll in like clockwork over the hills in the late afternoon, refreshing the bay and downtown for a few hours. Its marvelous and a welcome reprieve to say the least.

Bugs of every size and shape come out to make hay while the rain showers. Its a vibrant cacophony of sounds, buzzing all around and alighting the night sky like flashing stars weaving through the jungle. Its amazing to note the variety and diversity of life here that only the summer rains can invoke.

Spending quality time with the locals. Everyone is bustling and busy when the tourists are here, but summer is at a slower pace and more backyard bbqs and get togethers are in the works. There’s more time to enjoy once the hub bub of high season is over. Time with good friends and family and a more traditional way of life takes place.

So when thinking about the winter months ending and summer easing on in, its with a smile that I tell people its about the best time of year to be here. Even with the rain, the heat and the bugs. It feels more like home when the place is all to ourselves 🙂

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