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Monthly Archives: July 2010

· · · Home Building Series, Part II: The Construction Phase

July 26th, 2010  ·  Posted in home building

Assuming that the proper paperwork for your construction project (license, permits, insurance, etc) has been processed and approved, you are now ready to see some ground-breaking work begin. Here we’ve outlined the general steps you’ll encounter once the construction phase of your project gets underway. Having a better understanding of the overall process will help you manage your expectations and hopefully give you some piece of mind as your construction project progresses.

Foundation & Framing

Zihua ID: Construction

The first of your ground-breaking work will be concentrated on the construction of the foundation, which, once completed will serve as the basic footprint, defining the layout of your new home or condo.

Basic electrical and plumbing installations are laid throughout & the skeleton of your home is constructed, taking shape as walls, arches, entryways, ceiling, stairs and any structural elements. Your home’s framing is also laid, deriving much of its stability and strength from the very fact that it rests upon a properly-installed foundation.   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Home Building Series, Part I: Pre-Construction

July 7th, 2010  ·  Posted in home building

Congratulations! You’ve decided to go ahead with the building of your dream home!

The burning question is … what happens now?

Well, if you’ve already decided on an architect then half of the battle is already won. Assuming you are ready to move forward, here is a basic overview of what you can expect over the course of your home building project.

Like any project, the construction of a home, whether in Los Angeles, California or Zihuatanejo, Mexico, follows a basic set of steps.

Although materials and methods may vary, understanding the general construction process can help you wrap your arms around what may seem like a very daunting project, especially if you are building here and living elsewhere.

It’s important that before moving forward with any building project, you feel comfortable with the team of professionals who will be carrying out the work. This means that you and your architect, builder and/or construction manager are all on the same page (and hopefully speaking the same language).   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Choosing an Architect That’s Right for You

July 3rd, 2010  ·  Posted in home building

Choosing the right architect or builder can be a stressful proposition. The decision and the process is emotionally exhausting. If you were just going out to buy a pair of socks it would hardly be so crucial. However, in this case you are looking for a very special person or person(s) to build your home.

Choosing the Right Architect

Your refuge. Your sanctuary.

A safe haven which will always greet you with a warm embrace and a cool place to lie.

Identifying the architect or firm who possess that special ttrait, characteristic & style which best speaks to you and utterly moves you is difficult enough in your own backyard, let alone here in Mexico. However, the bright side of building here means that you have access to some extremely talented architectural professionals that elsewhere in the world would completely be out of reach cost-wise. This isn’t to say that quality comes cheap, but relatively speaking it is still “affordable” to hire from the top.

Once you’re ready, embarking on your quest is similar to taking up any new task … using a little common sense and plenty of due diligence.   · · · Continue reading »

· · · Things You Should Consider Before Building in Mexico

July 1st, 2010  ·  Posted in home building

You’ve found your tropical paradise in a bucolic seaside fishing village on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Things here are different. The people are jovial, kind , always quick with a smile and a friendly “hola, amigo”. The local cuisine is delicious and slow-cooked, prepared with much love from the doƱas with their tidy aprons, concrete stoves and fruit-laden oil cloth covered plastic tables. Here you will find no rush, no hustle-bustle, no honking of horns or midday traffic jams. There are few stop lights in town and only a few years back there were none at all.

So now that you have found your paradise, why not build a home here?

Yes, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. Why not live where you love? If you’ve fallen in love with a place and can honestly see yourself living there and loving it why not take the plunge? Well, this is half the struggle simply because there is a major difference between loving a foreign culture and living in it. You can love a culture for its richness, its diversity, its foreignness from your own … however living in it, well that can certainly be a challenge.

What really attracts us to the Mexican culture is its warmth, carefree spirit and ability to remain indifferent to the stress and pressures of the outside world. This quality is what makes us yearn to shuck off the invisible shackles we (in the western world) have created … to money, success, economic growth, 401Ks, luxury automobiles and other iconic symbols of economic stature. Yes, we care about money and we care about getting things done … quickly and correctly, the first time around! Well, that right there is just too much of a first-world ideal to expect when you are living in a third world country. And unfortunately for all of its economic and population growth, most of Mexico still remains third-world. But that is exactly why its attractive to us. And that is exactly why it is difficult for us to actually live here and not just love it here.

But … and yes, there always is a but … if you are willing to see things from their perspective sometimes, compromise, forget a few of the basic principals you were taught, you can be very happy here. And you can make a very nice home here. But you have to be willing to make those compromises which isn’t always easy.

So, getting back to some things you should consider before building your dream home in Mexico.   · · · Continue reading »